How long is the processing time?

  • Our current processing time is around 4-6 weeks, but we are hiring and expanding to decrease that timeframe. 

Why is my order taking longer than the expected timeframe?

  • We are having a few delays in processing times, but we have created an Order Status Calendar on our website where we update it with the most accurate shipping estimates we have. If you have any questions about your specific order, please reach out to us via the Contact Us Page.

How do I order a custom tag?

  • Custom tags can be purchased under either the custom resin tag listing or the custom metal tag listing. You will type in all of your pet's information first, and then describe your design in the "Describe your design" section of those listing. We will reach out to you if we have questions.

What if the design I want isn't listed?

  • We only choose a handful of pre-designed tags to be listed at one time, but any design you have seen us do (and pretty much any design in general) can be done through our custom tags! Please see above "How do I order a custom tag?" for further details.

How are the resin tags made?

  • Our resin tags are made from a mixture of two-part epoxy and UV resin. They are first poured into molds, then we put any add-ins requested on the tags, followed by the name, phone number and a final layer of UV resin for protection on both sides.

Are your tags safe for pets?

  • Once the resin cures, it is does not put off any gas or smell, and is not toxic to be around. Chewing, swallowing or otherwise ingesting resin or metal tags can be dangerous to your pets, and they should never be left with something they could chew on without supervision. Please see our Terms of Service for full details.